Download Link for version 20.2

Hey guys

Over the past few months a lot of people have been downloading version 19.2 from strange torrent sites. The quality of that version does not compare with version 20.2 so we have decided to release version 20.2 to drum up support for version 21 which is coming out in March (April if there are problems).

Here is the download link

Google Drive Link

Mega Link

Onedrive Link

You can support the development of VRtitties on our Patreon HERE. Each $ helps us to continue developing the game and add new features.

Version 21 has a lot of new features which we are still adding. As you can see below the skin rendering has been improved a lot.

If you are new to VRtitties this review sums it up quite nicely here.

Here is a link to the controls.


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